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Katalog Stron on "Yesterday's tomorrow today #10"
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia Palikota on "Yesterday's tomorrow today #10"
exellent image,great compo

katalog firm on "Yesterday's tomorrow today #10"
great shot,exellent composition and details

Jaap on "Big citys #46" : New York
It looks like a picture of the 30's of last century, with all the T-Fords.

Garfield on "Funky Interiors #34"
Funky X10!

Self-Indulgence on "Worth a detour #22a"
Seriously Speed Racer!!!

Fusao on "Worth a detour #22a"
cool image!

Tamara on "Worth a detour #20a"
Impressive processing ! Very well done !

Dimitrios on "Worth a detour #20a"

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on "Funky Interiors #33"
wow - that's pretty sterile

Macrobaby on "Funky Interiors #33"

alex centrella on "Funky Interiors #33"
cool !

Shahryar on "Funky Interiors #33"
great shot :)

Stefan on "Funky Interiors #33"

Garaidh on "Funky Interiors #33"
Very nice see!

Fabienne on "Funky Interiors #33"
Oui, superbe !

sara on "Funky Interiors #33"
superbe image

Meysam on "Funky Interiors #32"
What a strange but nice composition!

Self-Indulgence on "Funky Interiors #32"
Wow! Great and somewhat chilling image.

Benoit Darrieux on "Worth a detour #18"
Une bien belle époque !

Garfield on "Worth a detour #17"
Like a movie!

Bonvilston on "Worth a detour #14"
Not sure I understand the description properly, but I love the photograph. I have used these big "Biomes" ...

Sandy on "Worth a detour #14"

Chris Giovannis on "Funky Interiors #29"
'Man gone crazy?' Well done!

Chris Giovannis on "Funky Interiors #31"
Excellent Work! Dimitrios is right 'Minimalistic Gem'!

dideban on "Funky Interiors #31"
Good shot

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on "Funky Interiors #31"
very cool shot. the right position for this shot! the people in the center work great. yeah the London Tube system ...

Dimitrios on "Funky Interiors #31"

Benoit Darrieux on "Home sweet home #1"
Eh bien, des pages tout à fait étonnantes ici..!

Michael on "Mad scientist workspace #8"
I think your site is wonderful, how do you manage to get these old film shots..?

Sockpuppet on "Funky Interiors #30"
you're right, it does have a frank miller feel. great perspective. well done.

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on "Transparency #2"
I like pictures like this. Great!

MARIANA on "Funky Interiors #27"
funny :)) ha ha which movie is that ?

Rags on "Patterns & structures #7"
Disturbing but interesting.

Stefan on "Big citys #40" : London
Wow, yery dramatic scene, great capture!

Macrobaby on "Big citys #40" : London
Great shot...lonely

Curly on "Big citys #40" : London
Dark and gloomy with all the attendant fearful atmosphere - well done!

PTK on "Worth a detour #9"
Good question. Maybe it just means that they continued to build in the same style after the war ... or it means that ...

matt on "Worth a detour #9"
What is this "same philosophical background than EUR" ??

Curly on "stairway to heaven #16"
This has scanned quite nicely, still retains all of it's old charm.

.ptk. on "Worth a detour #9"
Thank you for your information. I apologise for any mistakes in this blog.

Fred on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
I would've loved this image more if the bridge didn't show. But hey, doesn't make the image bad! ...

MARIANA on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
Wonderful shot . Bravo !

Lee on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
Great mood with just the right amount of detail to add depth.

manolo on "Big Citys #36" : Prague

Fabienne on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
Wonderful shot...

Craig on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
Full of mystery! Excellent!

Tamara on "Big Citys #36" : Prague
Very nice B&W shot, i love the mysterious ambiance here !

Aubain on "Worth a detour #9"
Nice shot. Wrong place. This P.zza S. Giovanni Bosco started in the 50's same architects with the same ...

lux on "Suburbia #23"
Pretty cool foto!!!

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